*Tutorial 07* Wrapping curly ribbons around frames

Hi scrappers

I have a new tutorial for you this week, this month is all about wrapping curly ribbons around frames (you can use this for any kind of wrapping).
Those that wanna show what they can do with the tutorial can place a link in this blog post. At the end of the month we are gonna pick a winner for a $5 coupon to my store.

As I said, this month we are gonna be working on making wrapping curly ribbons around a frame. I just love that look, and it was requested.

I am using photoshop elements 6 and the Red – White – Blue kit

First off open a new document, and add your frame and ribbon to it, the ribbon should be the top layer.

Try to make your ribbon follow the lower edge, and have it looks the best if you have a little empty space on both on the top and on the bottom of ribbon with the frame in the middle – this makes step #5 easier for you.

So far so good, now you are gonna select the frame and only the frame (Alt gr + Click on the Frame layer – marching ant should appear)

Here come the fun part, pick a hard edge eraser about 25-35px

And start erasing the parts of the ribbon (make sure you are on the ribbon layer now) that should be on the backside of the frame. It will help you to zoom in at about 300% that way you can better see what you are doing – you might have to pick a smaller eraser for finer details

Then you add a dropshadow (mine is size: 15 – Distance 10 – Opacity 55%)

You are done and can add elements as you like

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  1. This is a great way to make sure your erased edges are perfect! Making the selection really makes it easy. But one problem is the shadow, when you add it after, it shadows under the cut edges where there shouldn't be a shadow. The simple way to avoid that is to add the shadow after you've aligned the ribbon, then do one more step. Hold the CTRL key while clicking the new layer icon in the layers panel. This makes a new layer BELOW the ribbon layer. Then still holding the CTRL key, select both the ribbon layer and the new layer and press CTRL E. This will merge the ribbon and it's shadow with the blank layer. Now when you erase, it will erase the shadow too. The only drawback is the shadow will no longer be editable. But if you got it right in the first place, you're fine! Thanks for the cool tutorial, I saw this at DST!