Tutorial 02 - Recoloring Solid elements

Hi scrappers

I am gonna start having some tutorials for you each month. Those that wanna show what they can do with the tutorial can place a link in this blog post. At the end of the month we are gonna pick a winner for a $5 coupon to my store.

This month we are gonna be working on recoloring you solid elements. I am using photoshop elements 6, and an extracted button

First off open the element you wanna recolor. If it is a one color element like this button, you have to make it gray scale. Press Shift+Ctrl+U

Now we are gonna play with levels, press Ctrl+L. Take the middle arrow and move it so the it is under the highest point in the levels dialog box.

This will either lighten or darken the element, so it is a mid-tone gray, making it easy to recolor. In this case it will lighten the element

Now you wanna open a solid color, on top of the element,

And pick the color you wanna make your element.

Now we have to change the blend mode on the color layer. Usually the best choice is color, but you can play around with it.

Press Ctrl+G to clip the layers together, if you wanna make other colors save like it is now then you just have to press the color layer to change the colors. If you are happy with what you got then press Ctrl+E to merge it to a flat layer.

Jessica have used the tutorial and recolored a tag, just to show of how easy it is


  1. Awesome, Sus! It's so simple, but I didn't know how to do this. Thank you!

  2. You are so very welcome, I am glad you can use the tutorials :)