*Tutorial 04* - Stacking Papers

Hi scrappers

This month I wanna show you a bit about stacking papers, since it to me gives a great depth to a page, especially if you take the time an do some shadows. Make sure you check out my Pop-Dot tutorial if you need inspiration.

Stacking papers can be done in a million ways, 2 papers on top of each other is stacking. Adding some elements between them, gives more depth, but to make it easy, I have a template for you to use, you can get it at the bottom of the page.

I am using PSE 6, the free template and Grown 2 a man Bundle

First up you wanna chose the papers you are gonna be using. This template have 3 papers, so pick out 3, you can always change them later. A tip for picking the papers would be, for your back paper pick one that have a lot of pattern or a bright color, for the middle one a medium pattern or a bright color, and for the top one a small pattern or a soft color. I have found this is the way you get the most harmonic page.

These are the 3 papers I have chose in the order I wanna use them

Now place them on your templates (use Ctrl+G to group with paper below, and Ctrl+E to merge the layers). Make sure you angle and tweak the papers to where they look their best.

Now you wanna exchange all the elements with what you have in your kit. Just use what you have. This is where you get to be creative, so let the imagination flow.

A tip more, use flat elements under the papers and use fuller/taller elements on the top. 

Here is my stacked paper finished. I didn't have a banner in the kit, so I switched that for some leaves at the top. I added some string that give a little more color, and some more leaves in the lower left corner, with the metal ball chain.

 If you use the tutorial, please feel free to send me a link so I can uhhhh and awwww about :)

Here is a template to get you started.  **Link has expired**

You can find 2 sets of stacked templates in my store




  1. Love your tutorials!! Thanks so much!

  2. I have to tell you how much I love your tutorials!!! They are actually easy for me to follow, unlike many others. I wish you could leave the sample file up a little longer though so if we find these late, we can still get and use to get the idea better. Thanks, though. Awesome tuts and I "bookmarked" several. :)

  3. I usually leave the files up unless I put them in the store for sale, you can find the template sets here: