*09 Tutorial* - Stickers

Hi Scrappers

I missed this months Title tips due to family time, so I thought I would mix this months title tips and the tutorial together. This month we are gonna be doing a title and then making it to a sticker.

I am using PSE 6 and Rainy Days 

First up make your title, I went with summer fun in the colors of the kit

To make it a bit more interesting I added a sun behind the text from the Rainy Days

Now you duplicate all your layers (select all the layers and right click -> Duplicate)

Merge the layers together - right click and say merge or Layer -> Merge Layers

Now you are gonna stroke outside the layers we made -> Stroke (outline) selection -> Pick a number between 30-50 (depends on the size of your title) -> Make sure the "Center" is chosen -> Pick a whitish color that isn't pure white (code for pure white is FFFFFF and will not show up that great when you add a bevel to it later)

Use the magic wand to select the areal outside the stroked areal, make sure that contiguous to be checked

You can change between the colors by pressing the X

Move the stroked and filled to the bottom

I have used this bevel style - but you can use any you like

Here are some stickers I made for you

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