Jun 15, 2016

.page users

To my Page/SBPage users...

The designers were informed that stores may start receiving cease and desist letters soon from Forever, which bought out Panstoria, which bought out Creative Memories digital software line and products. Forever has updated their TOU to include that their content is not CU approved, which means we can no longer use the software to create a file that we will sale. Giving away free is less clear, but given the amount of time it takes to convert, it wouldn't make economic sense to give them away for free.
The designers at SNP who are aware of this, as it was discussed late last night, have started pulling those versions from their stores.

You can convert them yourself using the PNGs - If you need a link on how to make you own page files using the pngs here is a link https://youtu.be/ufyeqEZcVLo

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