Mar 2, 2016

Rascal Party - March $1.00 BNP


Did you get all the templates for the Leap Day event? If not - don't worry they are still active and I will make sure you have all the links :)

Yesterday was the first day of the March BNP sale and I have 7 new festive products ready for you - and each of them is just $1.00 until March 7th

Who doesn't love a party?!? Let's celebrate! You get the balloons. I've got the cake. We can reserve a special spot and pull out the ribbons and bows. Dinner parties, birthday parties, block parties or retirement parties. Kids or adults, surprise or slumber parties; you are just going to love playing with this kit. Come’on! Join the fun! Grab the Rascal Party kit and have a good time!

If you think how am I gonna work with those double templates? I want them as singles - check out my new tutorial on the blog on how to cut them

Today is the last day if you wanna save 30% on My Car - so make sure you go by the store and grab it :)
Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth, there’s something about our cars. The gleam, the smell, the sound. And, for some, the day you have to say goodbye to “old trusty”. MY CAR will be your go-to kit for all of you car experiences. You really need to snag this one today!

Now for all the template freebies you can find them here

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