Feb 11, 2016

Valentine XOXO


The other day I saw a Facebook status asking what we where gonna give our significant other on Valentine's day. Most didn't celebrate Valentine with more than and extra kiss. That is the same at my house, my husband isn't really that kind of romantic. What about your?

With this new Valentine's kit you can send a digital love letter, a kiss, or a bouquet of flowers to someone special for Valentine's day. Use it to say "I love You!" to your special Valentine and love of your life.

I have packed all the BNP products together in one easy to grab kit. So you can record that Perfect Chemistry you have to your loved ones

Did you also think that the description of the new Valentine kit could be better? Do you think you could do it better? Then you still have time to send you application as my new description writer.
Send me a mail with a description for the Perfect Chemistry or Valentine to SusDesigns@gmail.com before Feb 13th 2016

Before I end this week's newsletter I have 2 cute freebies for you, made by CTM Trina