Dec 2, 2015

December $1.00 BNP & Christmas kits


I love December! I am no where near ready for this month but I still love it, the smell of pine, the snow covering the ground (well no so much right now, but I am hopeful), the smell of cookies baking, and figuring out this years gift wrapping. Yes I am a December lover.

Yesterday we all released this month's $1.00 BNP Products - and my there are many to chose from almost 90 different pack.

I when basic this month and made 2 sets of templates

First are the Winter templates - 4 12x12 layout templates that comes in PSD, Tiff, png and Page formats.

There are also the Siggy templates also in in PSD, Tiff, png and Page formats.

If you would would like a quick try of them you can join the Siggy Challenge this month

Have you been visiting the SNP Blog? If not you might wanna start all the designers are giving away small freebies as a Christmas Countdown

But that is not all I have released this week - I also have a holiday kit out called Glitzy Holidays - when I was done I was thinking "Can you use to much glitter?" The answer is yes - but I still love this kit

Next up is my much more classical Christmas kit Vieux Noel.

When you get the kit you also get this set of words for free in your downloads

CTM An made a wonderful Christmas Card for you

Here on the blog you can find a Holiday .gif card also by An


  1. thanks so much for both pretty cards! both are awesome, but my fav is the glitzy one!

    1. Which is why it was fun doing both kits, since they are soooooo different :)

      I am glad you like, and have found a favorite