Oct 29, 2015

One Year - Winter & 2 Freebies


I can now say I am a car owner - for the first time in my life I own my own car - and don't have to share it with anyone :D Yaaay! I am thinking of making a kit about it, but we will see.

Today is about something altogether different. Today I am releasing the last part of my One Year kits and I also made a set of calendars for 2016 and I have a HUGE bundle for you. 80 papers - 4 alphas and 400+ elements that is pretty huge if you ask me

I promise this is the last time I am gonna be showing this mini kit this year - but I really love it and it is Halloween in a few days

My new CTM Trina have made some freebies today - one is in my newsletter (don't forget DSD is coming up with loads of gifts) and one is here on the blog.


  1. congrats on the new car! so excited to see winter kits ♥

  2. Love the new kit! thanks so much for the awesome freebies. Congrats on your new car! I don't even know how to drive - LOL!

    1. If you ask my sis and my son, neither do I (they where having a go at me yesterday - both of them cracking up laughing). But thanks I love my new car drives great :D