Oct 15, 2015

Haunted & a 40% sale


It is vacation time in Denmark this week, so the schools are closed and the kids are running wild....or something like it. My son and hubby have been out and around all week visiting the tram museum and an aquatic zoo, so my little man is getting a lot of quality time with his dad these days (not that he usually doesn't get that)

BOOOOO!!! Are you scared yet? If you love Halloween as much as I do I think you are gonna love this weeks new release - it is called Haunted and will work with most Halloween and haunted house photos. It is a mini kit and you save 40% on it until Saturday (making it just over $2.00)

My CTM Joanna also made a set of wonderful clusters this week for you. You can get one here in the newsletter and one is found on my blog

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