Sep 10, 2015

A new perspective


Tomorrow I am going to test drive 2 new cars, we are getting one more for me, so I have to figure out what I want. I am not particularly looking forward to getting a new car again, the "old" new one just stopped smelling of new car, and now I have to live with that again......seriously that is a reason I would buy a used car, I hate that smell (Yes, I know I am weird)

As the days pass ever so fast, broaden the mind with a new perspective on something old! Break out the old layouts and try a scrap lift or add a little flair to something new with this fabulous collection.

If you bundle then you also get a bonus: 2 templates in psd, tiff, png and page PU/CU OK and CT-friendly for free and only in the bundle

I have also added last week's BNP products in to a kit and bundle that you can find here.

I have a freebie for you

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