Aug 2, 2015

August BNP


I have been a little quiet this past week, we where in France with my in-laws. We had a wonderful time and saw so many exciting things. I think that my son was most impressed with holding a falcon and having a condor walking over his legs, at the Eagle show.
I love seeing the castle ruins - and I had a huge boost. I was able to walk up the mountain (2.8km) with out feeling like I was having a heart attack - so my training is paying off

I hope you are ready for August's BNP products. This week I am taking you with me on a trip to the lake house on a peaceful getaway - rustic and cozy, stocked with all the comforts of home, minus the stress. This collection provides a variety of rustic elements that are just perfect!
You can also have a look at all the other designers products here - there are SO much to chose from

 I have the honor of making the F*R*E*E with purchase kit these first 2 weeks of August and I have made a school kit that you get for free with any $10 purchase all around the store.

I also made an alpha and a pack of schedules and classes that can be printed, and they are on sale -40% these 2 weeks too

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