Jan 8, 2015

Winter Nights & a freebie


Wow, what a week - that new EU VAT tax has really taken a toll on everyones nerves, but we finally have a solution so EU costumers can purchase from the store again :D The minus is that there will be a delay in getting the download links since they for now are being handled by hand, but at least we didn't have to up the prices
The nights are long this time of year, but they are gorgeous, with stars shining bright and snow covering the earth, making it sparkle. Those are the some of the inspiration points this kit has drawn from. In it you will find 10 gorgeous night and stary papers, 82 elements (30 unique) and 2 upper case alphas


This year we are gonna be trying a new thing - the first Wednesday of each month you will find one of my older products on sale -50% for the rest of month - so I hope you are gonna love Wind-Back Wednesday

This month's Wind-Back Wednesday deal is on Frosty and the coordinating packs

I made a gift for you today a stacked paper that coordinating with Winter Nights


  1. GORGEOUS KIT!! Love the colors so much! Thank you for the freebie too!

  2. I love the blues in Winter Nights; the snowflakes, too! Thank you for the lovely stacked paper.