Oct 15, 2014

October BYOC and a freebie


We had a family shopping spree yesterday, DS has grown out of most his clothes, so we need to get some new things for him. That is not an easy task asking a 7yo boy to pick some clothes - well asking is easy enough but getting answers are pretty hard, lol 
Then it is easier to tell your about this month's Buy your own Carryout, over at Scrap Takeout - the designer have made a great selection for you to mix and match between and each of the single pack are just $1.00 each.

From pumpkin patches to the cats meow, this kits combines the cool weather of Fall with a Halloween twist in the autumn color palette. There are 5 single packs or a bundle

In the elements pack you can find 61 elements (20 unique)

In the paper pack you can find 10 patterned papers

The alpha pack contains a full cursive alpha with upper and lower case A-Z, number 0-9, and some punctuations

There are also a pack with 4 layered ribbons - these are super cute if you ask me, and a SUPER easy way to add a little extra touch to your pages

Lastly I have a pack of 5 4x6" printable journaling cards

This week's A'la Cart menu is the Pizza kit - and you save 35% on it.

I also have a freebie for you by me and my CTM Lori

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