Aug 10, 2014

School photos - new release and charity collab


My friend Jeanet took some amazing photos of DS Friday, and I just made and ordered a poster size collage of photos from the shoot - here are some of them. We are so ready for school to start now.
Peek-a-Boo, I see U - here is this week's release. 
This bundle is perfect for showing off your peepers. Do you need to document a Dr's visit, show off a new pair of glasses or contacts? Or do you just like to play dress up or walk around in disguise - now you can do the same to your layouts, with a cool toned version full of blues and purples and a sunglass version full of sunshine in yellows and oranges. 

Did you pick up the August grab bag yet? If not remember this is a great value deal you are getting. There are $12.00 of goodies in it this month, and you are getting 1 full kit, 1 full alpha, and 2 element packs for just $3.50

Sometimes we all need a helping hand - and I do feel that the scrapping community is amazing at backing up each other in a time of need. This is also why I wanted to share with you this collab a lot of different designers have come together and made to help out Kim, she is facing a very difficult time as she deals with her husband's terminal illness, as well as health issues of her own. She will be left with a young son to raise on her own and unable to work.

This grab bag boasts 27 wonderful templates (one is a double-pager, so it's really 28!) Formats include PNG, PSD, TIFF, and PAGE files, all quality checked for you.  With a variety of styles, there's really something for everyone here!
Let's give our friend a hand.  Kim's going to have some tough times ahead.  We can't fix her situation, but maybe we can help her feel a little less alone in it!

You can find the grab bag at Scrap 'N Pieces or at Ginger Scraps

I also have a gift for all my newsletter subscribers this week a coordinating mini kit (resend Sunday)

If you are a facebook fan you can also get this set of wordarts free


  1. Your handsome son is so grown up!! I remember his baby photos on A.C.O.T.

  2. Oh yes - he surely is, I can't fable that he is starting 1st grade tomorrow, to me he is still the little angle in those baby photos. How time is just weird that we don't get older, right?!