Aug 27, 2014

CU news & 3 ways of streching your stash


If you read my PU newsletter or is following me on FB, you might know that after 9 years of blissful idleness I have finally found a sport that I wanted to to start up easy I have taken up the art of Taekwondo.....I should have started slightly easier.....I have been to training twice and the first time I got a HUGE bruise on my arm, and the second time I had to go to the ER to have my wrist checked... Now I am on my way to my 3rd training, so please keep your fingers crossed that I don't break a leg this time, LOL!
This month I have quiet a few new items in the store.

First of we have a set of polka dotted tapes - I personally love these, and I have used them several times in my own kits. The are easy to recolor, and are super versatile. You can find the red set of tapes here

The I also have these 2 set's of Grosgrain ribbons, you are getting 7 png ribbons, ready to mix and match.

You can also grab the bundle here - you are saving 42%

Lastly I have also added a set of basic frames to the store. These can be used as is or you can decorate them with small flowers or make them journaling frames, where you can scribble on the frames. Again super versatile and really fun to use.

I have some inspiration for you here on how to use the CU Basic Frame

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  1. Hi Sue! Reading your post made me son Alexander 10 years old is practising Taekwon do too, he started with 5 and is now red Ti with black point he has to wait to turn 12 to gain his black Ti. I stay at the gym while he is training ao I have a good idea of what you are facing! Just don't give up! It's a wonderful martial art. Alex instructor just became world champion and he usually says that practice leads to excellence! Wish you all the best!

  2. Thanks Marzia, I really love doing TKD, it makes me feel alive afterwards, and I love getting to know some ways to defend my self (I have a big mouth and can help interfere when I see bad things happen) so a little knowledge is good I think.
    WTG with your son, my best wishes to him. Mine started last fall and he love is too, I hope he will keep it up since it is good for both body and soul.