Jul 16, 2014

Sweet babies


A really good friend of mine got her biggest wish last month, where her and her husband adopted a beautiful little baby girl, and we got to see her when we where at vacation. 
She is the great inspiration for this month's BYO-carryout kit from me. Her name is Valentina, so my kit just had to be named Sweet Valentina. So if you have a sweet baby girl too this is the kit for you, and even better you can get the full kit for only $3 or the single packs for $1.00 each. Take that for great value 

If you are thinking I don't have a girl, don't worry there will be a release for the boys too, further down

But to get started here is the Sweet Valentina's $1.00 single packs - these can be mixed with all the other July BYO-carryout products

To make it easy for you I also made a single download for all the products in one
And as promised I also have a boys version of the kit, called Sweet Valentino. To make it a little fair for all of us that have boys I also set the price on this kit to $3.00 like Sweet Valentina, but only until Monday

And I also have some sweet treats for you today made by Theresa - in my newsletter you can get a wordart

and here my blog you can find 2 borders

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