Jul 8, 2014

Get Scrapping


I am back from my vacation, and we had a wonderful time. We visited Legoland twice, and also a Zoo, where we walk amongst a lot of the animals, so close we could touch them :) It was a great experience for DS (and also for me).

Now I have loads of photos to scrap, but I havn't gotten around to any of those yet. Today I have been scrapping pics from my son's yellow belt Taekwo-Do graduation, last month.

I used a template by Little Green Frog designs, and also my Keeping Focus bundle


I am not one of those blessed persons that loves to do sports, but I have considered to join my son at Taekwon-Do. And speaking of not really being a sports person, I got a challenge over at FB yesterday. I wanted to do a new FB freebie and asked what peeps wanted, and everyone wanted something to do with baseball or softball......really don't my area of expertise - I have seen a baseball but only on TV, and softball I had to wikipedia to figure out what that was, LOL!

But I did manage to get an upper and lower case alpha made and you can find it today on my FB page