Jun 10, 2014

*TITLE TIPS* - Mixing it all


I had forgotten to add my new release to the store this week, so I am gonna keep the sale on Letters from a poppy-field this week too. 

When I looked at my own page I made for last weeks reveal, I noticed that it missed a title, so I wanted to do a title tips for you this week to get the creative juices flowing for you too.

I am gonna be using Letters from a poppy-field  - and the coordinating QPs - they are FREE with purchase this month. - the fonts used are Stencil Std and Homemade Apple

Then I am also using the Kismet or Karma alpha


And the Let me eat Cake alpha


First up here is my page no title at all

In my  first page with title I added the 2 alpha that comes with Letters from a poppy-field. I arranged them mixing the colors and then put a tilt on each letter to have a little movement to the page.

In the second page I used the Let me eat Cake alpha and the 2 fonts Stencil Std and Homemade Apple 

First I placed the alpha where I wanted it, then I wrote "FAMILY" with the Stencil font, and placed it just below my last letter and added a color to it that mixed in with the colors from the kit (you could also add a paper. Just add the paper above what you wrote and press Ctrl+G to group them together). 

Then I used the Homemade Apple font and again wrote "family" and again added a different color, but one that still matched the kit. Usually I don't add much - if any - shadows to my fonts, but in this case and this way I did add a lot of shadows, but you can do this as you feel like. Be creative!

Lastly I made a wordart mixing the 3 alphabets together

 I have the wordart as a freebie for you. I hope you have enjoyed this inspiration segment of the day.



  1. Thank you for the ideas to create titles ... & thank you for the lovely word art!

  2. This is really cute! Thanks so much!
    :) Mags / MagsGraphics

  3. I am glad you like it ladies, thanks for the comments :D

  4. This is really cute. thanks for the ideas!

  5. Thanks for the ideas! Love the wordart!