Dec 10, 2013

Calendar Gifts Day 12

Hi Scrappers

Allyson have been looking back, and used the Christmas Holidays mini kit for her page about her cute kitty Mystic

I am gonna be giving away my new kit "Calendar Gift" over the next month, so have a look each day until Christmas and get a new part of the kit.

On Facebook you can find 8 png holidays tags that all are coordinated with Calendar Gifts

Here is the 12th download *links are only available for 24 hours*

See you tomorrow for the next download :) If you miss some downloads the entire kit and alpha will be available for sale in my store from Dec. 26


  1. Mystic is adorable I <3 cats !!! THANK YOU ;~} bunches for todays goodies...

  2. You are welcome :) I love cats too

  3. I come back every day at 8.30 am (UK) to collect your Calendar Gifts, and every day the link has expired :-( I would have loved all the pieces :-(

  4. That is because I get up at 7.10 am (in Denmark) and needs to get it done before I deliver my son at school. But you can get day 13 just above :) And all the parts will be for sale in my store on the 26th :)


  5. Thanks for all of these...I missed this one...for some reason it came in out of order on your blog for me...I had checked several times during the day but the 1st post was always day 11...I was not smart enough to scroll down :(.

  6. I will repost day 12 tomorrow, so everyone have a chance to get them. Apparently Blogger mixed up the posts so day 11 comes after day 12 So Sorry about that peeps