Nov 2, 2013

DSD CU news

Hi Scrappers and designers

Here are the DSD CU news and inspiration

I have almost reached 2K of fans on Facebook, and I have decided to spread some coupons when we reach 2K, so if you are not a fan become it, and make sure to have an eye on todays updates, so you don't miss the coupons

DSD CU Grabbag - 5 full products for just $5 only for DSD You get: 12 Color swatches (ASE, ACO, jpg ) - 5 Leaves (png) - 9 Manila tags (png) - 11 Buttons (png) - 5 Patterns (psd, tiff, png)

Some of the other products you can get in the store on 50% sale are

Lastly I have 2 freebies for you - and exclusive newsletter gift, including 3 color swatches and 2 elements

I have this beautiful pattern for all of you to enjoy

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