Nov 21, 2013

4 New CU Items & the DSD GB revealed

I got great news last week, I get to keep my job permanently. I simply couldn't get my arm down when I got the news, and Friday my coworkers gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and a wonderful card, congratulating me and them self for getting me hired.

As I promised the products this November is all about Christmas

First of is 2 set of Christmas Ribbons - with 5 ribbons in each all in original colors
Then we have a set of Christmas patterns coordinating with the ribbons
And lastly I have 4 popcorns - perfect for making Christmas borders or clusters.

I have revealed the DSD CU Grab bag - here are the items that was hiding inside

First up is a set of 12 color swatches - in jpg, aco & ase

A set of 11 png CU mixed buttons 02
Lastly I have a set of new CU plaid patterns 02

As the very last thing today I have a freebie for you - 2 png ribbon coordinating with the CU Christmas Ribbons