Oct 19, 2013

CU Tutorial - Making Scalloped edges

Hi Scrappers

Today I am gonna show you a little tip on making scalloped edges on mats and frames

I am using PSE6

First up you are gonna open a new document (Ctrl + N) - then you are gonna open your brushes panel (press B). Choose a hard edge brush and change the size to 190px (if you chose an other size the rest of the values need to be changed accordingly)

Now you press the brush icon on the far left side and a dropdown menu will open. Change the spacing to 85%

Draw a line with the brush in the size you want your element

Duplicate the line you have drawn (Crtl+J) and turn it 90 degrees (Image -> Rotate -> Layer 90 Right). Zoom in and align the circles. You can do it manually or use the Align tool.
Select the move tool and select both layers
Align -> Top Edges
Align -> Left Edges

Merge the layers (Ctrl + E) -> Duplicate (Ctrl + J) -> Rotate the layers 180 degrees (Image -> Rotate -> Layer 180) -> Align them again this time to the right and merge them together

Now you have a frame you can filled it with a solid color and make a mat

Here are the frame and the mat I made for you as a freebie


  1. This is a great tut Sus! Thanks so much!!

  2. You are welcome, I am glad you can use it