Sep 19, 2013

New CU Products

First up is the new CU tutorial I have on my blog, it is about using the burn and dodge tools to make highlight and shadows without destroying the item you are working on, and making it easy to make changes your mind on what you have done.

The news in my store is:

CU Black string - 6 png strings in black

CU Apple Patterns - 5 psd, tiff and png plaid patterns for your scrapbook kits

CU Darling Hedgehogs - 6 psd, tiff & png fall elements - 3 Hedgehogs & 3 Mushrooms

shabby overlays 02 - 6 jpg overlays 12x12" 300 dpi

Lastly I have a freebie for you

1 comment:

  1. I have Photoshop, but your tutorial was very interesting. Thanks for posting it and for the freebie too.