Sep 8, 2013

*Journaling Tips* - 2 Sides

Hi Scrappers

I have a journaling tips this month and a freebie to get you started. Do you journaling and see two sides of the same case. And try to do it on the same journaling card.....

Like The Sad part vs. Fun part
         The Good vs. The Bad
         The Healthy Choice vs. The Unhealthy

Or my all time big dilemma the Pros and Cons of wearing high heals - for my page I have used the Miss Marcos Bundle and the 2 sides word card freebie further down

Melly also made a page focusing on Dreams and reality. She used the cards and Zooper Day

I have a set of Word cards for you to get you started :)


  1. What a neat idea! Thank you for the cards. Hugs, DeLoris

  2. You are welcome, I am glad you like the idea :)


  3. This was something I was struggling with as I approach creating a book for my daughter and the circumstances that were surrounding events. Thank you so VERY much!

  4. I am glad to hear you could use this :)