Jul 14, 2013

*Title Tips* - Using Brushes to emphasize your title

Hi Scrappers

Today we are gonna look at using brushes for emphasize your titles. Sometimes you have a patterned paper you know you wanna use, but when you add your alpha to it, it blends in with the papers, so what to do?

I would recommend trying to add a brush behind it, to make the title pop again. For this tutorial I am using Photoshop Elements 6 and my It's Elementary Mega Bundle
But you can also active the same in Photoshop CS

I have made this page of my MIL on her first day of school, and as you can see the alpha I used really don't stand out on the page.

So first I am gonna make a new empty layer, under the alpha, I chose to make it above the frame and photo, to make it look like I have stamped it on

Then I am gonna pick a brush, you can use any brush you like. If you do a Google search you can find a million and one free brushes online - but to make this quick and easy I used the Default 300px soft edge brush

Then on the empty layer I am gonna brush under the alpha until most of it has the color I chose (go with one of the colors in your layout)

This looks a bit to much for my taste, so I am gonna lower the opacity to about 70%, but this is where you are gonna be creative and make it fit to your taste. You could also change the blend mode to multiply or screen, to get the look you want

And I am done - easy peasy :)

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