Jun 9, 2013

*Title Tips* - Choosing a font

Hello Scrappers

It is time for another *Title Tips* - Today I am gonna share a fun site with you, that will show all the fonts you have downloaded in one place, and let you choose the one that will go best with your layout or text.

The site is called Wordmark.it and all you have to do is

 Then the site will show all your fonts with your chose text

Now the hard part is choosing what font then to use. I have made a layout using my Bright happy day kit, but couldn't decide on what font to use for the title, so I wrote FRIENDS in Wordmark.it - and chose 3 that I liked, and tried them on my page

First up I used Calibri, but I felt it was to boring

My next choice was Pea C-Squared - this seemed to busy

Lastly I tried Wee Bairn - this seemed to have the perfect mix of size, and wimpsy that I was looking for

I hope this also can be of help to you when you are gonna make titles using fonts.

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