Jun 17, 2013

CU Tips and Tricks - Hidding Shadows

Hi again

Last time we talked about making border/edge clusters, and saving them with outer shadows, this time I wanted to show you how to remove those outer shadows, really easy!

Here is the cluster I made last time, with all the layers shadowed, using PSE's build in drop shadows (this is important!)

Now in my Layers pallet I am gonna select all the layers at once - Click on the top layer and hold shift down and then click on the bottom layer.

While all your layers are selected duplicate them (right click on the layers menu -> Drop menu -> Duplicate -> OK)

With all the duplicated layers still selected -> Right Click on the layers menu and -> Clear Layer styles
Right Click again -> Merge layers

Now you have all the duplicated layers merged into one single layer with no styles on it at the top - Move it to the bottom layer

The last step is to group (Ctrl+G) each of the upper layers to the Duplicated and merged layers, that will remove all the outer shadows and you can now save a shadowed and an unshadowed version for your costumers.

When you have done this tutorial twice it takes about 30-60 seconds to make an element with no outer shadows.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and tricks - please let me know what you think :)

I have added the cluster I made as a PERSONAL USE ONLY freebie, so you can have a closer look at it

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